About Us

Why Us

Our team has countless years of collective outsourcing experience and our focus on contact center and business process outsourcing operations makes us experts in keeping clients competitive, while allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Synergy Global Outsourcing goes beyond typical outsourcing engagement by partnering with clients in the execution of each solution and leveraging over 56 global service center locations in over 10 countries to right shore each program.

Synergy Global Outsourcing 'rolls up its sleeves' and actively engages in the implementation process to better leverage the learning of common pitfalls and limit time investment of client's internal staff. As an authority in providing practical solutions with industry specific applications, Synergy Global Outsourcing offers account management, training, historical experience, professional services, assessment/benchmarking and support process outsourcing, with the added intelligence of global industry collaboration. Our extended Digital Marketing, Social CRM and Web Interactive services enable our clients to understand and deliver the latest services and technology throughout the entire customer life cycle.

We pride ourselves on flexible, customized, cost effective solutions with the client's business need at the forefront of all our solutions. Process improvement and best practices are in our DNA and we have access to over 300 six sigma certified black belts. We are in the people business, and training, re-training and continuous communication is certainly vital to overall success. We understand the passion and enthusiasm of people worldwide and know how to capture that experience first-hand for our clients.

Most importantly, based on experience, we understand what makes outsourcing solutions work. We pride ourselves in understanding people, process and technology. We are cognizant of mapped and unmapped processes and the so called tribal knowledge that exists in all lines of business. We understand 'can't do's' and how to mitigate those situations. We are sensitive to quality, productivity and lean heavily on audits, audit the auditor, calibration and buffer staff to achieve the necessary business goals of our clients. We rethink the business process, removing any out of date thinking, procedures, or lack of creativity, tapping into a knowledge base for better innovation.

The facts of outsourcing are clear, it reduces costs, provides scalability, productivity, quality and overall service improvements. We have been part of this for over a decade and have seen it firsthand.

We believe that the key drivers of our business are Committed People, Defined Processes, and Cutting-Edge Technology.


  • Agent Partnership Approach
  • Tenured global management teams
  • Bridging Emotions & Economics with local leadership


  • Business Excellence (BE) - Dedicated organization
  • Cross-functional process enhancements - AIM, SPARK
  • Compliance - HIPAA, SAS 70, GLBA, ISO


  • World class and flexible solutions - PMS Systems
  • Scalable across global locations - Inter connected
  • Secure - Serving data security needs of large payers

Our Certifications

We have been honoured with a number of global quality certifications: